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Kickstarter urges creators stop using 'world's best' in product descriptions

Techspot - Thu 13 Jun 19

Kickstarter's honesty guidelines say it would rather have projects described in more realistic language. It is not outright banning exaggerated terminology, but it is strongly advising against ...

The World's Best Crowdfunding Site Releases Incredible New Rules and Guidelines to Help Protect Amazing Backers

Gizmodo - Thu 13 Jun 19

After launching a little over a decade ago, it didn’t take long for Kickstarter to become more than a place for amateur inventors to sell their ideas to the public. It soon became fraught ...

Kickstarter tells creators to stop calling projects 'the ultimate' - CNET

CNET - Thu 13 Jun 19

Creators need to stop exaggerating about their projects, Kickstarter says.

Kickstarter warns creators against calling projects 'the world's best'

Engadget - Thu 13 Jun 19

Kickstarter is asking its users to tone down the hyperbolic language and to layoff the misleading imagery. In an attempt to promote transparency, the now 10-year-old platform issued ...

Kickstarter issues new transparency guidelines for projects

TechCrunch - Thu 13 Jun 19

Fresh off its 10th anniversary and under the helm of a new CEO, Kickstarter is shaking things up with a new set of guidelines targeted at seller claims. A new page titled Honest and Clear Presentation ...

Kickstarter asks people to stop claiming their projects are ‘the world’s best’

The Verge - Thu 13 Jun 19

Kickstarter is asking creators to stop claiming that their projects are “the world’s best,” and instead use realistic language to describe their campaigns. It isn’t banning ...