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Finally, a Top Voting Machine Maker Is Calling for Stronger Election Security Laws

Gizmodo - Mon 10 Jun 19

Over the last few decades, the state of American election cybersecurity has been excoriated by hackers who hope to fix a host of glaring problems before the entire system is exploited.Read more...

Paper ballots are the way to secure elections, voting machine maker says - CNET

CNET - Mon 10 Jun 19

Election Systems & Software will no longer sell paperless voting machines.

Major voting machine maker backs away from paperless models

Engadget - Sun 9 Jun 19

Voting machine security is still a sore point, but at least some vendors are starting to change their tune. ES&S chief Tom Burt has declared that his company will "no ...

Top voting machine maker reverses position on election security, promises paper ballots

TechCrunch - Sun 9 Jun 19

Voting machine maker ES&S has said it “will no longer sell” paperless voting machines as the primary device for casting ballots in a jurisdiction. ES&S chief executive Tom ...