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New evidence from LHC shows pentaquark has a molecule-like structure - Fri 7 Jun 19

A team of researchers working on the LHCb collaboration has found evidence showing that a pentaquark they have observed has a molecule-like structure. In their paper published in the journal ...

Physicists have finally figured out how pentaquarks are built

ScienceNews - Fri 7 Jun 19

The particles are made of up two smaller particles, stuck together like atoms in a molecule.

Bizarre pentaquark turns out to be a new kind of subatomic 'molecule'

Newscientist - Thu 6 Jun 19

The pentaquark, an elusive particle first spotted by the Large Hadron Collider in 2015, is made of two smaller particles stuck together in a sort of miniature molecule

Synopsis: How a Pentaquark is Put Together

APS Physics - Wed 5 Jun 19

New Large Hadron Collider data reveal that exotic quark quintets, discovered in 2016, are composites of quark-antiquark mesons and three-quark baryons.  [Physics] Published Wed Jun 05, 2019

Large Hadron Collider Experiment Reveals Alien Structure of a 'Pentaquark'

Gizmodo - Fri 7 Jun 19

New results from the world’s largest particle accelerator illuminate the structure of the pentaquark, an exotic particle consisting of five quarks bound together.Read more...