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Hear Joe Rogan's voice duplicated by an AI: Startup unveils system that can mimic celebrity voices

Daily Mail - Fri 17 May 19

In audio clips, the computer-generated Rogan muses on topics like chimpanzee's who can play hockey, pulls off some adept tongue-twisters, and pontificates about how we're living in a simulation.

Joe Rogan calls AI that replicated his voice 'terrifyingly accurate' - CNET

CNET Cutting Edge - Fri 17 May 19

It's funny, but the real-world implications are kind of scary.

This AI-Generated Joe Rogan Voice Sounds Eerily Like the Real Thing

Gizmodo - Fri 17 May 19

In recent years, eerily accurate deepfake videos have gotten a lot of press, but automated voice replication has been quietly sliding into the uncanny valley as well. Case in point: The AI ...

Dessa Clones Joe Rogan's Voice With AI And It’s A Freakishly Good Fake

HotHardware - Fri 17 May 19

Close your eyes for a brief moment and imagine a world where it's near impossible to tell what is real from what is computer generated. The truth is, we are virtually already there to an extent, ...

This AI-generated Joe Rogan fake has to be heard to be believed

The Verge - Fri 17 May 19

Artificial intelligence isn’t creating fake photos and videos — it can do fake voices, too. Up until now, these voices have been noticeably stilted and robotic, but researchers ...