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UK's controversial use of face recognition to be challenged in court

Newscientist - Tue 21 May 19

The first legal battle of the UK's use of face recognition technology begins today, the police today it helps them find suspects but critics say it is unlawful

Police have used celebrity lookalikes, distorted images to boost facial-recognition results, research finds

The Washington Post - Thu 16 May 19

The research shows how police nationwide are blurring the boundaries of the technology's acceptable use.

Police facial recognition surveillance court case starts

BBC Technology - Tue 21 May 19

Campaigners say police use of the technology is like taking DNA or fingerprints without consent.

NYPD uses photos of celebrities like Woody Harrelson to help find suspects using facial recognition

Daily Mail - Thu 16 May 19

An investigation by Georgetown Law claims the NYPD is misusing facial recognition by running photos of celebrities and digitally-doctored images to comb for criminals.

You Won't Believe All the Stupid Ways Cops Are Using Face Recognition Tech

Gizmodo - Thu 16 May 19

There’s plenty of evidence indicating that facial recognition tech is far from serving as a fair and accurate identification tool but because the sector is mostly lawless, this technology ...

Police are using flawed data in facial recognition searches, study finds - CNET

CNET Cutting Edge - Thu 16 May 19

When the faces aren’t quite there, police have resorted to using celebrity doppelgangers, artist sketches and computer-generated images.

The NYPD uses altered images in its facial recognition system, new documents show

The Verge - Thu 16 May 19

A new report from Georgetown Law’s Center on Privacy and Technology (CPT) has uncovered widespread abuse of the New York Police Department’s facial recognition system, including ...

Man Arrested In London After Trying To Avoid Facial Recognition Cameras

Ubergizmo - Wed 15 May 19

There are benefits to using facial recognition technology, but it is clear that using it in a public space can make people feel uncomfortable as it does come across as being an invasion of ...

Facial recognition tech 'should be dropped over race issues'

BBC Technology - Mon 13 May 19

Black and minority ethic groups could suffer because of poor police facial recognition tech, say campaigners.