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Medieval manuscript code unlocked by Bristol academic

BBC News - Thu 16 May 19

The document stumped Alan Turing and the FBI before being deciphered by a research assistant.

Bristol academic cracks Voynich code, solving century-old mystery of medieval text - Wed 15 May 19

A University of Bristol academic has succeeded where countless cryptographers, linguistics scholars and computer programs have failed—by cracking the code of the 'world's most mysterious text', ...

Bristol academic cracks Voynich code, solving century-old mystery of medieval text, Eurekalert - Wed 15 May 19

Voynich manuscript mystery continues as experts question whether 'alien' code has really been cracked

FOXNews - Mon 20 May 19

Controversy is swirling around a 15th-century manuscript described as the “world’s most mysterious text” that has long baffled experts but was reportedly recently decoded by a researcher ...

The Voynich manuscript may NOT have been cracked

Daily Mail - Fri 17 May 19

The University of Bristol has released a statement distancing itself from a piece of research claiming a researcher cracked the mysterious Voynich manuscript.

Sorry, It Looks Like a Researcher Didn’t Just Crack the Voynich Manuscript After All

Gizmodo - Fri 17 May 19

A university in the United Kingdom is backpedaling after publishing an article claiming that one of their scientists helped crack the famously-undecipherable Voynich manuscript, according to ...

Has the Mysterious Code of the Voynich Manuscript Been Cracked?

Livescience - Fri 17 May 19

New findings suggest it was compiled by Dominican nuns as a reference for the Queen fo Aragon.

British scholar claims to have decoded the mysterious Voynich Manuscript

ZME Science - Thu 16 May 19

But many critics say that his interpretation is flawed.

No, someone hasn’t cracked the code of the mysterious Voynich manuscript

Arstechnica - Wed 15 May 19

Medieval scholar: "Sorry, folks, 'proto-Romance language' is not a thing."

World's most mysterious text cracked

Daily Mail - Wed 15 May 19

Doctor Gerard Cheshire, from Bristol University, claims he cracked one of the world's most mysterious texts, the Voynich manuscript, a medieval text which has eluded scholars for years.

600-year-old 'world's most mysterious text' finally decoded by UK genius

FOXNews - Wed 15 May 19

A mysterious 600-year-old manuscript that has been deemed "unreadable" by the world's top cryptographers has finally been deciphered.

The Voynich Manuscript Has Been Decoded. Again. Except It Hasn't.

Science 2.0 - Thu 16 May 19

Beinecke MS 408, commonly called the Voynich Manuscript (after Wilfrid Voynich, a book dealer who bought it in Italy), has long dismissed as gibberish by most, but beginning in 1915, and certainly ...