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Directed evolution opens door to new antibiotics - Fri 10 May 19

In the ongoing arms race with humans and their antibiotics on one side, and bacteria with their ability to evolve defenses to antibiotics on the other, humans have enlisted a new ally—other ...

Directed evolution gets bacteria designing new antibiotics for us

Gizmag - Fri 10 May 19

Evolution is an incredible process, allowing life to adapt to changes in its environment. In the 1990s, the lab of Frances Arnold showed how we can turn this process to our advantage ...

Remote control with engineered enzymes

Science Now - Thu 9 May 19

Enzyme evolved to selectively functionalise carbon–hydrogen bonds

Chemistry World - Thu 16 May 19

Lactam libraries created by engineered bacterial enzyme offer new way to fight antibiotic resistance

Engineered enzymes build lactams of different sizes

CandEN - Thu 9 May 19

Enantioselective C–H amidation could help chemists create new drugs

Engineered enzymes could help make new antibiotics

Physicsworld Blog - Tue 14 May 19

Caltech researchers have repurposed cytochrome P450s to produce gamma- or beta-lactams The post Engineered enzymes could help make new antibiotics appeared first on Physics World.

Scientists deploy directed evolution to create new antibiotics

UPI - Fri 10 May 19

Using a method known as directed evolution, researchers successfully synthesized beta-lactams, a molecular structure used to create antibiotics.