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Being able to walk around without being tracked by facial recognition could be a thing of the past

Daily Mail - Thu 21 Mar 19

Facial recognition is already being used without us knowing and the data collected. The technology could become so prevalent that we are constantly tracked against facial databases.

Facial recognition takes off at airports. Privacy experts want it grounded - CNET

CNET - Thu 21 Mar 19

A growing Customs and Border Protection program pits convenience and security against privacy.

With facial recognition, shoplifting may get you banned in places you've never been - CNET

CNET - Wed 20 Mar 19

There are hundreds of stores using facial recognition -- none that have any rules or standards to prevent abuse.

Facial recognition has no checks, and that’s bad news for our privacy - CNET, CNET - Wed 20 Mar 19

Facial recognition overkill: How deputies cracked a $12 shoplifting case - CNET

CNET - Mon 18 Mar 19

Authorities call facial recognition a valuable tool. Civil liberties groups say it's dangerous.

Facial recognition 101: Your face is your new fingerprint - CNET

CNET - Mon 18 Mar 19

Facial recognition technology is both innovative and worrisome. Here's how it works and what you need to know.

Lawmakers Move to Block Companies From Using Face Recognition Without Your Consent

Gizmodo - Fri 15 Mar 19

On the heels of this week’s news that a major tech company had scraped nearly a million images off Flickr to help train a facial-recognition tool, Senate lawmakers have introduced bipartisan ...

Senators unveil facial recognition bill to stop firms from tracking you - CNET

CNET Cutting Edge - Fri 15 Mar 19

If passed, this would be the first federal law protecting your privacy from businesses that use facial recognition.

Facial Recognition Privacy Act Aims to Protect Your ID - Fri 15 Mar 19

Two U.S. senators want to limit what businesses can do with facial recognition data. Roy Blunt (R-MO) and Brian Schatz (D-HI) this week introduced the Commercial Facial Recognition Privacy Act, ...

Face Recognition Privacy Act aims to protect your identifying info

Engadget - Fri 15 Mar 19

US Senators Roy Blunt and Brian Schatz want to protect people's facial recognition data and make it much harder to sell now that information is treated as currency. The lawmakers ...

Bipartisan bill proposes oversight for commercial facial recognition

TechCrunch - Thu 14 Mar 19

On Thursday, Hawaii Senator Brian Schatz and Missouri Senator Roy Blunt introduced a bill designed to offer legislative oversight for commercial applications of facial recognition technology. ...

New facial recognition bill would require consent before companies could share data

The Verge - Thu 14 Mar 19

A new bill introduced in the Senate today would prohibit commercial companies using facial recognition technology from sharing people’s data without their explicit consent. The ...

A Chinese subway is experimenting with facial recognition to pay for fares

The Verge - Wed 13 Mar 19

Scanning your face on a screen to get into the subway might not be that far off in the future. In China’s tech capital, Shenzhen, a local subway operator is testing facial recognition ...