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US officials train facial recognition tech with photos of dead people and immigrants, report claims

Daily Mail - Mon 18 Mar 19

A unit of the U.S. Department of Commerce has been using photos of immigrants, abused children and dead people to train their facial recognition systems, a new report has detailed.

Creative Commons says it can’t protect your photos from ending up in a facial recognition database

The Verge - Thu 14 Mar 19

This week, NBC reported that facial recognition researchers at companies like IBM often feed algorithms photos from publicly available collections, often on Flickr, without requesting ...

IBM used Flickr photos for facial-recognition project

BBC Technology - Wed 13 Mar 19

Some people are said to be unaware that their data had been used for a facial-recognition project.

IBM stirs controversy by sharing photos for AI facial recognition - CNET

CNET - Tue 12 Mar 19

But the the million photos were shared under liberal licenses that Flickr photographers choose.

IBM didn’t inform people when it used their Flickr photos for facial recognition training

The Verge - Tue 12 Mar 19

IBM took nearly a million photos from Flickr, used them to figure out how to train facial recognition training programs, and shared them with outside researchers. But as NBC points ...

Privacy fears as MILLIONS of photos used to train facial recognition AI without users' consent

Daily Mail - Tue 12 Mar 19

Many facial recognition systems are being trained using millions of online photos uploaded by everyday people and, more often than not, the photos are being taken without users' consent.