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New clue in curious case of cassowary casque - Wed 13 Feb 19

A team of Australian scientists has completed research that could help solve a 200-year-old mystery surrounding an iconic Australian bird.

New clue in curious case of cassowary casque, ScienceDaily - Wed 13 Feb 19
New clue in curious case of cassowary casque, Eurekalert - Wed 13 Feb 19

Cassowaries’ strange headgear helps them stay cool in the heat

Newscientist - Wed 13 Feb 19

The unusual fin-shaped lumps on cassowaries’ heads help them shed heat in hot weather, suggesting a similar purpose for crests on dinosaurs

Scientists May Have Solved the Mystery of the Cassowary’s Strange Headgear - Thu 14 Feb 19

It’s a mystery that has baffled scientists for 200 years — what is the purpose of the cassowary’s strange and distinctive headgear? In a paper published in the journal Scientific ...

Scientists finally solved the mystery of the cassowary's casque

UPI - Thu 14 Feb 19

Thanks to new research out of La Trobe University, the mystery of the southern cassowary's casque is solved.

The Curious Case of the Cassowary Casque

Science Blog - Fri 15 Feb 19

An incendiary flash of colour – Your violent hues scatter the scrub; We watch as you forage for food, Using your casque like a fork.   Reptilian eyes stare unblinkingly, Your tridactyl ...