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IBM says AI debate loss is still a win

TechXplore - Tue 12 Feb 19

IBM conceded Tuesday its artificial intelligence-powered Project Debater lost a competition to a human debate champion but said the experience was an important milestone in efforts to get computers ...

IBM AI Loses Debate to Human Champion - Wed 13 Feb 19

In the battle of man versus machine, crushing defeats by DeepMind’s artificially intelligent Go and StarCraft gaming systems tipped the scales in favor of automation. But humankind is ...

Human debate champion defeats IBM's smartest EVER AI-powered machine

Daily Mail - Tue 12 Feb 19

London's Harish Natarajan, 31, defeated IBM's Miss Debater in a discussion over subsidising pre-schooling in front of 700 people in a San Francisco lecture theatre.

Human champion beats IBM's AI in debating challenge

Techspot - Tue 12 Feb 19

Artificial intelligence machines have beat the world’s greatest Go, Chess, Jeopardy, and StarCraft II (usually) players, but they're still not quite on the same level as one of the world’s ...

IBM AI fails to beat human debating champion

Engadget - Tue 12 Feb 19

After suffering defeat to AI at Go and Dota 2, the battle between man and machine was starting to look a little one-sided. But a human has finally notched up a win against our future ...

IBM's AI loses to a human debater, but still is persuasive technology - CNET

CNET Cutting Edge - Mon 11 Feb 19

Big Blue is now moving its Project Debate technology on to commercial uses.

This Robot Debates and Cracks Jokes, but It's Still a Toaster

Wired Science - Wed 13 Feb 19

Domo arigato, debating roboto: An IBM project shows that a computer can carry on a sophisticated—if creepy—argument with a human.