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How beatboxers produce sound: Using real-time MRI to understand - Wed 7 Nov 18

Beatboxing is a musical art form in which performers use their vocal tract to create percussive sounds. Sometimes individual beatboxers perform as a part of an ensemble, using their vocal tracts ...

How beatboxers produce sound: Using real-time MRI to understand, ScienceDaily - Thu 8 Nov 18

MRI study shows how Beatboxing really works — and it’s crazy

ZME Science - Wed 7 Nov 18

They move their vocal tract in a completely new way.

Watch people beatbox in an MRI

Popular Science - Wed 7 Nov 18

Science They’re blazing new linguistic territory. Many artists produce sounds entirely unknown to modern linguists. Now you can see exactly what produces those extra-lingual ...

Incredible scans reveals how beatboxers create their own LANGUAGE to mimic 

Daily Mail - Wed 7 Nov 18

Researchers led by Timothy Greer, a doctoral candidate at the University of Southern California used real-time MRI scans to study the production of beatboxing sounds.

Watching People Beatbox in an MRI Machine Will Blow Your Mind

Livescience - Wed 7 Nov 18

Beatboxers create sounds that "don't exist in any known language," new research reveals. And it looks awesome.