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Chinese 'gait recognition' tech IDs people by how they walk

TechXplore - Tue 6 Nov 18

Chinese authorities have begun deploying a new surveillance tool: "gait recognition" software that uses people's body shapes and how they walk to identify them, even when their faces are hidden ...

Controversial Chinese 'gait recognition' technology being used to identify people by their WALK, Daily Mail - Tue 6 Nov 18
Chinese ‘Gait Recognition’ Tech IDs People by How They Walk, Voice of America - Tue 6 Nov 18

China implements tech that can detect people by the way they walk

Engadget - Wed 7 Nov 18

A Chinese surveillance company, Watrix, has developed a new system for "gait recognition" that can identify people up to 165 feet away based on how they walk. This means that ...

Gait recognition tech can identify people even with their backs turned

Techspot - Wed 7 Nov 18

Facial recognition has made it to mainstream use in security systems and is a relatively secure method of securing mobile devices. However, what happens when faces are obscured or hidden by ...

China Can Now Identify Citizens Based On How They Walk

Ubergizmo - Wed 7 Nov 18

Over in China, the country’s government has deployed certain hi-tech measures to track people in the country, such as by using facial recognition systems to identify wanted suspects who might ...

China can apparently now identify citizens based on the way they walk

TechCrunch - Wed 7 Nov 18

China is home to the world’s largest network of CCTV cameras — over 170 million — and its police have adopted Google Glass-like ‘smart specs’ to seek out suspects ...

China surveillance tech can ID people by their walk, report says - CNET

CNET - Tue 6 Nov 18

It's apparently in use in Beijing and Shanghai.

China is now using gait recognition to identify people

Fastcompany Tech - Wed 7 Nov 18

The technology can identify someone even if their face is covered. The country already has an Orwellian social credit system and over 170 million CCTV cameras keeping an eye on its citizens ...