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An enzyme that digests plastic could boost recycling

The Economist - Thu 19 Apr 18

For bacteria, lunch A MILLION plastic bottles are sold every minute. Many are not recycled and of those that are, only a small fraction become bottles again. That is, in part, because recycling ...

How plastic-eating bacteria actually work—a chemist explains - Thu 19 Apr 18

The plastic bottles we throw away today will be around for hundreds of years. It's one of the key reasons why the mounting plastic pollution problem, which is having a deadly effect on marine ...

Can this plastic-eating enzyme devour our PET pollution problem?

Gizmag - Tue 17 Apr 18

Our plastic pollution crisis is only getting worse, but scientists may soon have a valuable new tool to chip away at the problem. With a little luck, researchers have happened upon an ...

Recycling hope for plastic-hungry enzyme

BBC News - Mon 16 Apr 18

Science created a 'wonder material' in plastic; now nature is helping to unmake it.

Engineering a plastic-eating enzyme - Mon 16 Apr 18

Scientists have engineered an enzyme which can digest some of our most commonly polluting plastics, providing a potential solution to one of the world's biggest environmental problems.

Enzyme That Eats Plastic Accidentally Found in Lab

National Geographic - Fri 20 Apr 18

A surprise find may eventually help scientists clean up the glut of plastic pollution around the world.

Researchers ‘accidentally improve’ a plastic-munching enzyme

ZME Science - Wed 18 Apr 18

Failing upwards!

Researchers Accidentally Create Superior Plastic-Degrading Enzyme - Tue 17 Apr 18

Scientists accidentally engineered an enzyme that easily digests some of the most commonly polluting plastics. Researchers at the University of Portsmouth and U.S. Department of Energy’s ...

Scientists stumbled upon a plastic-eating bacterium—then accidentally made it stronger

Popular Science - Tue 17 Apr 18

Environment Hungry, hungry enzymes. We’re slowly suffocating a lot of natural ecologies with our trash. Fish, birds, and other animals all unwittingly consume the five trillion ...

Lab 'Accident' Becomes Mutant Enzyme That Devours Plastic

Livescience - Tue 17 Apr 18

A new enzyme unintentionally produced by researchers has a voracious appetite for plastic.

Scientists investigating a plastic-eating microbe accidentally improved it

FOXNews - Tue 17 Apr 18

Some rare good news in the fight against plastic pollution: Scientists working with a plastic-eating microbe discovered in Japan two years ago accidentally created a mutant enzyme that sounds ...

Scientists accidentally produce an enzyme that devours plastic

Engadget - Tue 17 Apr 18

There are research teams around the world dedicated to finding a remedy for the growing plastic pollution crisis, but now it seems that one group of scientists have found a feasible ...

Plastic-eating enzyme holds promise in fighting pollution

Reuters - Tue 17 Apr 18

(Refiles this April 16 story to fix affiliation in 10th paragraph.)

Scientists create mutant enzymes that eat plastic bottles - CNET

CNET Cutting Edge - Tue 17 Apr 18

A possible solution to the world's plastic pollution problem was created by accident.

Scientists Create Enzyme That Eats Plastic Bottles

Ubergizmo - Mon 16 Apr 18

Plastic to a certain extent can be recycled. However it is a much more difficult process and an expensive one compared to other materials, but it seems that scientists might have come up with ...

Plastic-eating enzyme holds promise in fighting pollution - scientists

Reuters - Mon 16 Apr 18

(Reuters) - Scientists in Britain and the United States say they have engineered a plastic-eating enzyme that could in future help in the fight against pollution.

Scientists develop an enzyme that can destroy the most common type of plastic used in water bottles 

Daily Mail - Mon 16 Apr 18

Researchers, led by the University of Portsmouth, have found an enzyme in a Japanese plastic processing plant that eats PET - the common form of plastic used in food and drink packaging. ...

Plastic-eating Enzyme Developed Through Scientific ‘Serendipity’

Laboratory Equipment - Thu 19 Apr 18

NewsA bacterium discovered by Japanese researchers two years ago showed something amazing: from its natural evolved processes of breaking down cutin on the surface of plants, it had adapted ...

Scientists accidentally created a mutant, plastic-eating enzyme

Techradar - Tue 17 Apr 18

The hope is to continue to 'optimize' the genetically-engineered creation to degrade plastics in hours instead of centuries.

Scientists accidentally create mutant enzyme that chomps plastic for lunch

Inhabitat - Tue 17 Apr 18

Could we solve the plastic pollution crisis with a mutant enzyme? At a trash dump in 2016, Japanese researchers discovered the first known bacterium that had evolved to consume plastic. The ...

International team engineers plastic digesting enzyme

The Engineer - Tue 17 Apr 18

Scientists from Portsmouth University and the Diamond Light Source are part of an international team that has engineered an enzyme with the potential to digest certain plastics. The discovery ...

Researchers engineer plastic-eating enzyme

The Hindu - Tue 17 Apr 18

Scientists in Britain and the United States say they have engineered a plastic-eating enzyme that could in future help in the fight against pollution.