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Chinese face-recognition technology spots wanted man at 60,000-people concert

ZME Science - Tue 17 Apr 18

Is this a good thing... or a bad thing?

Chinese Police Arrest Suspect At Pop Concert Using Facial Recognition

Ubergizmo - Fri 13 Apr 18

As you might have heard, China is going big on facial recognition where they are equipping police officers with smart glasses that come with facial recognition tech. In fact it seems that their ...

Chinese police use facial recognition tech to identify suspect from crowd of 50,000

Techspot - Fri 13 Apr 18

The use of facial recognition technology in surveillance cameras is common in China, with systems found everywhere from streets, to bus stations, to grocery stores, and airports. Chinese police ...

China man caught by facial recognition at pop concert

BBC Technology - Fri 13 Apr 18

The suspect was caught by facial recognition technology at a pop concert, which he regrets attending.

Suspect caught in China at music concert after being detected by facial recognition technology

The Verge - Thu 12 Apr 18

A Chinese man who was wanted by police for “economic crimes” was arrested at a music concert in China after facial recognition technology spotted him inside the venue, as reported ...

Chinese police arrest man using facial recognition among 60,000 at concert

Daily Mail - Thu 12 Apr 18

The suspect, known only by his surname Ao, was identified using cameras equipped with facial recognition tech among 60,000 people attending a concert in Nanchang, Jiangxi province. ...