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Researchers in Japan are showing way to decode thoughts

TechXplore - Mon 15 Jan 18

Making news this month is a study by researchers the Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR) and Kyoto University in Japan, having built a neural network that not ...

Duo of neural networks get within a pixel of reading our mind and re-creating what’s there

ZME Science - Thu 11 Jan 18

Extremely cool, extremely worrying.

A Neural Network Reads Your Mind

iProgrammer - Thu 11 Jan 18

Is this AI or UI? The idea is simple enough - train a neural network to recognize what you are seeing from just your brain activity. Is it even possible? Read more...

This Neural Network Built by Japanese Researchers Can Read Minds

SingularityHub - Sun 14 Jan 18

It already seems a little like computers can read our minds; features like Google’s auto-complete, Facebook’s friend suggestions, and the targeted ads that appear while you’re browsing ...