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WhatsApp Security Flaw Compromises Security Of Encrypted Group Chats

HotHardware - Thu 11 Jan 18

WhatsApp is a communications tool that is used by people all around the world to stay connected for personal and business use. The big draw to the app for many is that it has an encrypted group ...

WhatsApp security flaw lets ANYONE spy on private chats

Daily Mail - Thu 11 Jan 18

Despite WhatsApp's end-to-end encryption, experts at Ruhr University Bochum in Germany say hackers can insert people into groups without the permission of the chat's admin.

WhatsApp Flaw Could Let Strangers Add Themselves To Private Groups

Ubergizmo - Wed 10 Jan 18

One of the features that WhatsApp added to its messenger service a couple of years ago is end-to-end encryption of messages. This means that messages cannot be read while in transit from one ...

Researchers found a way into WhatsApp group chats — but Facebook says it’s not a problem

The Verge - Wed 10 Jan 18

German cryptographers have found a way to infiltrate WhatsApp’s group chats despite its end-to-end encryption. Researchers announced they had discovered flaws in WhatsApp’s security ...

Whatsapp servers can be compromised to add people to private groups

Engadget - Wed 10 Jan 18

Messaging service Whatsapp made headlines in 2016 when it introduced end-to-end encryption to every message sent through the service, whether text, photo or video. Clearly security ...

Security researchers flag invite bug in WhatsApp group chats

TechCrunch - Wed 10 Jan 18

 Security researchers have revealed details of a vulnerability in WhatsApp’s security that could be used to compromise the secrecy of encrypted group chats on the messaging platform. ...

WhatsApp 'bug' raises questions over group message privacy Tech - Wed 10 Jan 18

WhatsApp Group chats can easily be infiltrated: Researchers

The Hindu - Thu 11 Jan 18

Facebook-owned WhatsApp added end—to—end encryption to every conversation two years ago.