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Does sunlight help us shed winter weight?

Gizmag - Wed 10 Jan 18

A team of researchers at the University of Alberta in Canada has uncovered an extraordinary new, previously undiscovered, fat-burning mechanism. The new study reveals fat cells just ...

Reduced sunlight may contribute to winter weight gain

Medical Xpress - Wed 10 Jan 18

We may have a new reason, in addition to vitamin D generation, to bask in a little sunshine.

New discovery may explain winter weight gain, ScienceDaily - Wed 10 Jan 18
New discovery may explain winter weight gain, Eurekalert - Wed 10 Jan 18

Winter Weight Gain May be Due to Less Sunshine, Study Shows

Laboratory Equipment - Thu 11 Jan 18

NewsThe pounds mount for most people during the winter – the slacks or skirts getting just a bit snug around the middle as the cold months draw on. Traditional wisdom holds that it’s due ...