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FBI security expert: Apple are “jerks” about unlocking encrypted phones

Arstechnica - Thu 11 Jan 18

"Apple is pretty good at evil genius stuff," FBI official laments at conference.

FBI chief says phone encryption is a 'major public safety issue'

Engadget - Wed 10 Jan 18

The FBI's stance on phone encryption hasn't changed even if the President fired former director James Comey. At a cybersecurity conference in New York, current chief Christopher ...

Encryption an 'urgent public safety issue,' FBI chief says - CNET

CNET - Tue 9 Jan 18

The bureau's director says his agency was unable to access the contents of nearly 7,800 devices last year, despite legal authority.

FBI chief rekindles debate over unbreakable encryption

Techspot - Tue 9 Jan 18

The cat and mouse game of security versus privacy continues as FBI Director Christopher Wray calls out unbreakable encryption as an "urgent public safety issue."

FBI chief calls unbreakable encryption 'urgent public safety issue'

Reuters Technology - Tue 9 Jan 18

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The inability of law enforcement authorities to access data from electronic devices due to powerful encryption is an "urgent public safety issue," FBI Director Christopher ...

FBI Chief Calls Unbreakable Encryption 'Urgent Public Safety Issue', Voice of America - Tue 9 Jan 18

Long After San Bernardino, The Feds Still Rail At Apple’s Encryption

Fastcompany Tech - Thu 11 Jan 18

On consecutive days at the same conference, two FBI officials said tech companies must do more to provide access to evidence stored on devices. Remember the big dustup between the FBI and Apple ...

Report: An FBI forensics expert called Apple a bunch of “jerks”

Fastcompany Tech - Thu 11 Jan 18

FBI forensic expert Stephen Flatley made it clear what he—and perhaps the FBI—thinks of Apple’s nearly impossible-to-crack phones. At the the International Conference on ...