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Atomic-scale capillaries block smallest ions, thanks to graphene - Fri 11 Jan 19

Researchers at The University of Manchester's National Graphene Institute in the UK have succeeded in making artificial channels just one atom in size for the first time. The new capillaries, ...

Atom-thin graphene water pipes

Chemistry World - Mon 14 Jan 19

Narrowest ever capillaries fit only single water molecules while salts are excluded

“Atomic-scale Lego” creates single-atom width capillaries that act like natural protein channels

The Engineer - Fri 11 Jan 19

National Graphene Institute makes pores that admit water but block smallest ions, which could have implications for desalination and filtration technologies Sir Andre Geim, co-discoverer of ...

Graphene Monolayers Allow Atomic-Scale Capillaries to Block Smallest Ions

AZoNano - Mon 14 Jan 19

For the first time, scientists at The University of Manchester’s National Graphene Institute in the United Kingdom have successfully created artificial channels that measure only a single ...