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Graphene water filter turns whisky clear - Tue 14 Nov 17

Previously graphene-oxide membranes were shown to be completely impermeable to all solvents except for water. However, a study published in Nature Materials, now shows that we can tailor the ...

Graphene-oxide membranes filter organic solutions

Nanotechweb - Mon 13 Nov 17

Carbon-based sieves might be used in purification and filtration technologies in the chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries.

New graphene filter turns whiskey clear

UPI - Tue 14 Nov 17

Scientists have created a new graphene-oxide membrane capable of turning whiskey clear.

Graphene-based filters could slash cost of chemical separation and purification

The Engineer - Tue 14 Nov 17

Tailoring ultrathin membranes based on graphene oxide boosts solvent flow through filters — reducing need for energy — without compromising ability to remove unwanted molecules Researchers ...

Graphene Membrane makes Whisky Clear

AZoNano - Tue 14 Nov 17

Ultrathin graphene-oxide membranes capable of filtering whisky to make it as clear as water have been developed by researchers at the University of Manchester. Previously, such membranes were ...