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Helping robots blend into the background

Science Now - Thu 12 Oct 17

Engineers develop a programmable 'camouflaging' material inspired by octopus skin - Thu 12 Oct 17

For the octopus and cuttlefish, instantaneously changing their skin color and pattern to disappear into the environment is just part of their camouflage prowess. These animals can also swiftly ...

Engineers develop a programmable 'camouflaging' material inspired by octopus skin, ScienceDaily - Thu 12 Oct 17

Octopus-inspired robot skin goes 3-D

CandEN - Fri 13 Oct 17

Engineers create stretchable silicone material that inflates to predesigned textured shapes

Artificial camouflage skin mimics the octopus’ unparalleled morphing

ZME Science - Fri 13 Oct 17

The amazing camo-skin was funded by the military and could one day make its way into the battlefield.

Octopus-Inspired Robots: Silicone Skin Can Change Texture for '3D Camouflage'

Livescience - Fri 13 Oct 17

Researchers have created a synthetic form of octopus skin that can transform from a flat, 2D surface to a 3D one with bumps and pits, a technology that could be used in soft robots.

Octopus skin inspires 3D camouflage material

The Engineer - Fri 13 Oct 17

Physicists and engineers from Cornell University have taken inspiration from octopus skin to design a new stretchy camouflage material. (Credit: Pseudopanax via CC) Octopuses and cuttlefish ...

Shape-Shifting Octopus Inspires 3-D Morphing Material

Newswise - Thu 12 Oct 17

A Cornell University engineering and physics team is using the octopus as inspiration for a method to morph flat surfaces into three-dimensional ones on demand. They have devised a method for ...